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A charity that welcomes the community,
embraces the family and engages with nature.

facilities for hire

Conquest Centre is lucky enough to have fantastic facilities at our disposable. Some of these facilities can be hired for a fee when they are not being used by the Centre. The proceeds for facility hire go back into the Conquest Centre charity. Download a facility hire agreement form here: Facility Hire Agreement Form_Feb_2016.

Please email us for a facility hire price list info@conquestcentre.org.uk.

indoor arena

We have a large indoor arena (52m x 22m) with wall mounted mirrors, a hoist and a purpose-built wheelchair accessible mounting block, show-jumps, a music system and a variety of learning tools. The indoor arena can be hired either on its own or with the outdoor arena.

outdoor arena

We have an outdoor arena (20m x 40m) with floodlights and an all­ weather surface. This can be hired either separately or with the indoor arena.

Eady’s Lodge

Our newly built lodge is situated in the park area and is primarily used as a space to provide complementary therapies for our clients, their carers and families, and other members of our community, although it can be hired for any suitable purpose.

Sensory Room

Our purpose-built sensory room is designed to provide a relaxing environment and improve sensory skills, co-ordination and language. For many clients using this before an equine session is extremely beneficial as it leaves them relaxed with improved concentration. For families the room offers a much needed opportunity to bond in a peaceful space and explore new techniques for calming their child – learning they can take back to the home.  It is free for people to use whilst at Conquest Centre, or can be hired for a specific purpose.