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A charity that welcomes the community,
embraces the family and engages with nature.


The team at Conquest Centre consists of staff, horses, volunteers, riders, students, carers, parents, dogs, chickens, goats… anyone that walks through our doors or puts a penny in our pot automatically becomes part of our community, whether it’s for a few minutes, a few years or longer.

We have found that the supportive environment at Conquest Centre allows team members, both equine and human, to explore their individuality and build on their diverse skills, making a truly unique and effective team.

We pride ourselves on our sense of community at Conquest Centre. Forming bonds is vital for what we do, and for who we are. Some of the most common feedback we hear from parents or carers of riders is that they feel isolated, and they have nowhere to go. We want people to come here, enjoy our facilities and be part of our community. It’s not just about the riding ­ while you are here, use the sensory room, use the play equipment, walk in the woods, visit the horses, or just have a cuppa and a chat.

We have an ‘Open Door’ policy for visiting .  People are always welcome to drop in and see us. However, some members of the team teach, and some occasionally have to be offsite. If a member of the team is not available for you to talk to straight away, you are more than welcome to book in and come back at a more convenient time.

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