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The Impact of our Work

Disabled people often struggle to find opportunities to take part in inclusive sports, leisure and development activities and in particular outdoor activities. Horse-riding and other horse-based activities can offer these opportunities and research shows they have real positive impact on physical and mental health, skills acquisition, social interaction, self-esteem and self-confidence.

Monitoring and feedback shows that the work of Conquest Centre gives huge benefits to clients. For example:

  • In Autumn 2016 we used an outcomes tracker designed by Riding for the Disabled Association to assess the impact of our work on 14 new clients. In just one term 100% made improvements in confidence and enjoyment, 93% made improvements in relationships and physical changes and 86% in communication and horsemanship!
  • A client survey in January 2017 demonstrated the positive effects of our services. 90% of clients responding said they learn when they are at Conquest Centre, 92% said Conquest Centre helps them to get fit and healthy, 80% said it helps them make friends and 93% said being at Conquest Centre makes them happy.

Example feedback

Massive improvement in communication since the sessions began – he  now talks all the time. There has also been real physical development, for example he has started kneeling.

I love coming to Conquest and look forward to every day.

Enriches the lives of the clients and their support staff and families.

Sessions have improved my concentration skills, helped me to relax and particularly make friends.