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The Impact of our Work

Disabled people often struggle to find opportunities to take part in inclusive sports, leisure and development activities and in particular outdoor activities. Horse-riding and other horse-based activities can offer these opportunities and research shows they have real positive impact on physical and mental health, skills acquisition, social interaction, self-esteem and self-confidence.

Monitoring and feedback shows that the work of Conquest Centre gives huge benefits to clients. For example:

  • In 2014 we used an outcomes tracker designed by Riding for the Disabled Association to assess the impact of our work on 16 new clients. 100% made improvements in communication, confidence, enjoyment, relationships, physical changes and horsemanship over their first term. The most significant improvement was in confidence and enjoyment, where some clients moved 4 or 5 places on the 10-point assessment scale!
  • In a survey in October 2015 100% of our riders said they are proud of being able to ride and have fun during their lesson, 95% said they felt in a better mood after riding, and 67% said they felt brave because of their riding!

Example feedback from parents and carers

“Riding sessions are invaluable to her wellbeing – emotionally, socially and physically. They help her cope with her feelings of stress and show empathy towards animals and therefore help her relationships with others.”

“She is enjoying horse riding so much that she counts down the days each week. Chantal is a fantastic instructor and she responds really well to her”