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A charity that welcomes the community,
embraces the family and engages with nature.

A to Z of Fundraising

Have fun and make a difference



Abseil, Aerobicathon, Afternoon tea party, Antiques fair, Apple bobbing, Arts/Crafts stall/exhibition/fair, Auction, 50:50 auction, Auction of promises, Autograph sale



Bad hair day, Bad tie day, Baked beans bath, Balloon race, Barbeque, Barn dance, Beat the Goalie, Bell ringing marathon, Bike ride, Bingo night, Blind date, Board game evening/tournament, Book/comic sale, Bottle stall, Bring and buy sale, Bridge evening/tournament,


Cabaret, Cake bake, Car boot sale, Car wash, Cartwheel competition, Carol singing, Cheese and wine party, Chess challenge, Coffee morning, Compile a cookery book, Computer games marathon, Concert, Conker championship, Corny joke competition, Cover a distance with coins, Cross country run


Dance marathon, Darts tournament, Dinner dance, Disco, Dog walking, Domino day, Donkey

derby, Drawing competition, Duck races


Easter egg hunt, Eating baked beans with a cocktail stick, Egg and spoon race, Egg painting, Exhibitions, Expert talk


Face painting, Fairs, Fancy dress party, Fancy dress football, Fashion show, Fete, Film show, Fireworks party, Fish & chip supper, Fishing fiesta, Flower/fruit show/sale, Foam party, Football tournament, Funny face competition, Fun run


Gala evening, Game shows based on TV quizzes, Garage sale, Garden party, Girls v Boys day, Gigs, Go­karting, Golf match/tournament, Guess the eight/weight/amount/name, Guest speaker, Gymkhana


Hair plaiting, Halloween party, Hangman competition, Harvest supper, Head shaving, Hockey match, Hole in one competition, Hopscotch, Horse race evening, Hug­athon


Ice skating show, Icing biscuits, International food dinner party, It’s a knockout


Japanese evening, Jazz festival, Jelly eating, Jigsaw puzzle, Job swap, Joke competition, Judo competition, Juggling, Jumble sale, Jumbo sale


Karaoke, Keep fitathon, Kite flying, Kiss chase, Knit –in, Knobbly knees competition, Knockout pillow fighting


Lambada marathon, Leg waxing for men, Line dancing, Lottery, Loud tie day, Ladies lunch


Magic show, Marathon, Masked ball, Midnight feast, Mince pie morning, Murder mystery event, Music Quiz, Musical chairs


Name the bear/toy, Nature walk, Nearly new sale, Netball tournament, New Year’s party, No smoking day, Non­uniform day


Obstacle course, Odd jobs, Odd clothes day, Odd one out, Onion peeling competition, Open garden


Painting lesson, Pancake tea, Panel games, Pantomime, Parachute jump, Parties, Penalty shootout competition, Penny mile Pet show, Pet sitting, Photo competition, Pie eating, Plant sale, Ploughman’s lunch, Poetry writing competition, Pyjama party, Pram push


Quality cake sale, Quickstep contest, Quilling, Quiz night


Races, Radio controlled car racing, Raffles, Rambles, Rapping competition, Recipe book, Record breaking, Rock ‘n Roll night, Rugby match


Safari supper, Santa’s Grotto, School fair, Shakespeare reading/play/marathon, Sherry party, Shoe shining, Silly games, Silly socks day, Singles dinner party, Skateboarding, Skittle evening/tournament, Slave auction, Slide evening, Snooker tournament, Soap watching, Songwriting competition, Sponsored slim, Sponsored bike ride, Sponsored dog walking, Sponsored knitting, Sponsored haircut/headshave, Sponsored pub crawl, Sponsored swim, Sponsored silence, Sponsored walk, Sponsored ANYTHING YOU WANT, Sports competition, Stalls at fairs, Strawberry tea, Swap shop, Swear box


Talent competition, ‘Tea at Three’, Tea dance, Tea party, Teddy bears picnic, Tennis tournament, Theme day/evening, Three legged races, Tiddly winks race, Tombola, Treasure hunt, Trivial pursuit evening, Tug of war


Underwear as outerwear dares, Uniform day, University challenge, Unwanted gift sale


Valentine ball, Vanity fines, Variety show, Vegetable competition, Vicars and tarts/nuns day/party


Water games, Wear wellies full of jelly, Wellie throwing competition, Wacky races, Wheelbarrow racing, Whist drive, Window cleaning, Wine tasting evening


X files day, Xmas bazaar, Xmas card sale, Xmas panto, Xpert tips evening, Xylophone concert


Yacht race, Yard of ale, Yeti hunt, Yogathon, Yo­yo competition


Zany clothes day, Zany parties, Zany races, Zoo trip, Zodiac readings