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A charity that welcomes the community,
embraces the family and engages with nature.

The Impact of our Work

People with disabilities and additional needs often struggle to find opportunities to take part in inclusive sports, leisure and development activities and in particular outdoor activities. Horse-riding and other animal-based activities can offer these opportunities and research shows they have real positive impact on physical and mental health, skills acquisition, social interaction, self-esteem and self-confidence.

Monitoring and feedback shows that the work of Conquest Centre gives huge benefits to clients, for example:


  • ‘RESULTS’ pictured opposite: For the third year running (in 2019) Conquest Centre used the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) Outcomes Tracker to assess the impact of its work on 19 young clients over an 8-week period. The results showed that within one term of beginning lessons, 100% of clients had made improvements in confidence, physical changes, communication and horsemanship, 83% had made improvements in their enjoyment of riding and 94% had made improvements in relationships and their ability to relate to others.
  • A client survey conducted in November 2019 demonstrated a range of positive effects from our work. For example, 84% of clients responding said Conquest Centre helps them to learn and make new friends, 82% said Conquest Centre helps them to get fit and healthy, 100% said they have fun at Conquest, 94% said that they enjoy being around horses and feel happy being at the Centre and 87% said they feel more relaxed after their visit.
  • A questionnaire circulated to everyone registered on our Student Programme in July 2019 showed, 100% of those responding agreed or strongly agreed that they had gained new skills as a Student at Conquest Centre and that they found it easier to learn at Conquest than at school or college, 90% felt more likely to get a job because of their time as a Conquest Centre Student, 100% felt more confident through being a Student at Conquest Centre, and 96% felt they were fitter and healthier though being a Student at Conquest Centre.
  • During the Spring of 2019, a questionnaire was circulated to members of the wider public (for example: members of the local community who make use of Conquest Centre; visit our café, attend our equine events and hire our arena etc) to ask what they think about the charity: 84% Strongly Agree that Conquest Centre is very valuable in our community, 88% Strongly Agree that it is important that the work of Conquest continues, 79% Strongly Agree that the opportunities and services Conquest Centre offers are unique in this area and 82% Strongly Agree that Conquest Centre welcomes everyone.

Feedback: November 2020

This is what Toby’s Mother wrote in a recent email (Toby is 2 years old, he suffers from sensory processing issues and this was after his first session at Conquest Centre):

“Just to cheer you guys up on a dull Friday, here is Toby leading (his word) his “pony”, Chestnut with his sister riding her. Toby doesn’t share his toys – so this is MASSIVE and a huge positive, knock on affect from Wednesday. The fact that he is role playing Wednesday’s lesson as well is huge! I am sure you will all understand my excitement. I’ll leave the photo’s now and let you have a peaceful weekend. See you Wednesday!”