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A charity that welcomes the community,
embraces the family and engages with nature.

The Conquest Herd

The horses at Conquest Centre are an essential part of our team, both as our partners and colleagues. We firmly believe that each horse finds their way here for a reason, with their own story to tell, and their own lessons to teach us all.

The herd is diverse and ever­ changing in order to cater for the diversity of our clients and to ensure the happiness of our horses in the environment at the Centre. If you wish to know the history of any one particular horse, please feel free to ask.

Each horse offers a different experience, both ridden and on the ground. Some regular riders find they need to ride one particular horse for physical reasons (for example, a rider with compromised hips might need a narrow horse). But, generally we find that it positively benefits a rider’s equine education if they ride and handle different horses.

Our ethos when it comes to horse management is very open minded. We concentrate on using natural horse behaviour, rather than dominance, as a basis for interacting with, and training our herd. Our understanding is ‘natural’ is best where practicable, and we embrace new ideas. If you have any questions about our equine care, training methods or suppliers, please get in touch and member of staff will be more than happy to bend your ear about what we do!