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We specialise in Therapeutic Riding rather than teaching ‘horse riding’ to novice riders. The movement of the horse delivers physical, emotional and cognitive benefits, boosts confidence and improves communication. We also offer riding to family members who may otherwise feel excluded, so often brothers and sisters will join in which helps to provide respite for carers and parents.

We have specialist equipment to allow mounting and dismounting for people with limited mobility, including a hoist and a wheelchair accessible mounting ramp.


  • Just sitting on a walking horse moves every muscle in the body, enabling riders (for example) to improve balance, develop core strength, and reduce spasticity in over-tight muscles.
  • Language and processing development can improve as clients listen to and act on directions from instructors.
  • Educational learning is provided as riders practice counting or colour recognition during lessons (for example: riders may be asked to turn towards a green object or count their strides).
  • Improvements in emotional and social skills are achieved as riders form relationships of trust with their horse, their instructor and our volunteers.
  • Riders gain improved self-belief as they perfect new skills.

Although we are lucky enough to have a large, covered Indoor Arena, many of our sessions take place on our Woodland Trail offering riders an often rare opportunity to enjoy the countryside and increase their feeling of well-being. This outdoor work particularly benefits riders with Autism.

Remember, for those clients who may initially find the size of a horse intimidating, Small Animal Therapy sessions are available (for example: working with donkeys, goats, chickens, turkeys and guinea pigs).

For more information about our services or to discuss availability, please get in touch: info@conquestcentre.org.uk.