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A charity that welcomes the community,
embraces the family and engages with nature.


Conquest Centre has lots of facilities that are free for everyone to use (although donations are always welcome), whether you are a service user here or not. The only exception is the Sensory Room (currently unavailable) – if you are not an existing service user at Conquest Centre already, there is a small charge (£10 per hour).

play park


Situated directly outside the arena, the park consists of wooden play equipment including a large, accessible basket swing, a wheelchair swing and a dedicated picnic area, all enclosed in a fenced, grassy area.

safia’s Trail

We are very lucky to have a short woodland trail, complete with wooden animals and a troll along the way, a stream and a number of different pathways to choose from. This is an invaluable part of our work, helping with learning, relaxation and development.

Safias Trail at Conquest
Conquest Centre Chickens

small animals

As well as horses, we have chickens, goats, donkeys and guinea pigs, all of whom can be visited whilst you are here. There is also usually several friendly dogs to be found wandering around the yard.

Sensory Room


Our purpose-built sensory room is designed to provide a relaxing environment and improve sensory skills, co-ordination and language. For many clients using this before an equine session is extremely beneficial as it leaves them relaxed with improved concentration. For families the room offers a much needed opportunity to bond in a peaceful space and explore new techniques for calming their child – learning they can take back to the home.  It is free for people to use whilst at Conquest Centre, or can be hired for a specific purpose.

…if you already come to Conquest, make sure you are making full use of the facilities. If you don’t, come on down and have a wander around…