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Equine facilitated therapy is offered at Conquest Centre by Kate Holloway from Thoughts and Soul.

What is Equine Facilitated Therapy?

We offer an environment to learn about yourself. For example – how you interact in the world, how your behaviour affects others and how their behaviours affect you. We hope that learning these skills will have a positive impact on how you live your life.

We offer an alternative to room-based talking therapies where the horses are the essence of the therapy sessions and can offer a powerful message to the client. The horses create a safe place to help clients with serious trauma and have demonstrated the ability to bring memories and feelings into the client’s awareness far more quickly than in room-based therapies.


Why do we use horses and how does it work?

Horses live entirely in the present. They respond in that very moment. This allows the client to become more aware of their intentions, actions and emotions. Because horses are prey animals, they are sensitive to emotional changes within the herd, and react accordingly. Within sessions we can use the horse’s reactions and feed this back to the client – the horse is the mirror and the teacher. This non-verbal message can be enough for the client to reflect upon their feelings and behaviours, and go on to make changes.

For more information or to make a booking go to http://thoughtsandsoul.co.uk/ or e-mail Kate on info@thoughtsandsoul.co.uk